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Book your theory course in Amsterdam at Universaldrive now and pass your theory exam! Sign up for a 1 day course or a 2 day course. Once we receive your application, we will contact you as soon as possible.

What does the theory course look like

– All theory material is covered and explained in class. Have questions? Then these will be answered.
– The theory course is divided into 8 chapters. After each chapter you will be given a theory practice exam on the material we have covered. All theory practice exams have a timeline just like the real theory exam.
– When you finish the practice exam, it will be covered in class. You will then be told why the question is correct or incorrect. So you learn to pay extra attention to pictures, road signs or the way a question is asked.
– When all chapters with their corresponding exams have been covered, a practice exam will follow where you will be tested on all chapters.
– Last, you will be given practice exams for the hazard recognition section, where you must answer the question in 7 seconds about what you should do in a given traffic situation.

If you choose a 2-day course, then you will get another 8 full theory practice exams of 65 questions, just like the real theory exam. All practice exams are covered in class afterwards. On the second day, of course, you can also ask all your questions.

At Universal Drive, we not only want you to pass your theory exam as quickly as possible, we also want you to understand the rules of the road.

This is why we have chosen a unique teaching method. You can take a 1 day course and 2 day course with us.

Get your theory certificate with us!

Unique teaching method

The average pass rate (nationwide) for the car theory exam is only 41%!
So this one is harder than you think or than your friends tell you.

Should you still fail after the theory course? Don’t panic!

You are always welcome to retake the theory course for FREE.

Success Guarantee

Over the years we have built a reliable and professional name among the many satisfied trainees.

Book your theory course in Amsterdam now
At Universaldrive and pass your theory exam!

Sign up for a 1 day course or a 2 day course.

More than 15 years of experience

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