You want to be able to get behind the wheel yourself, don’t you?

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Starting with your driver’s license

Are you looking for a professional driving school in Amsterdam?
Take your first driving lesson (trial lesson) with us for free! Driving school Universaldrive provides car driving lessons in Amsterdam.
At Universaldrive, skilled instructors and instructresses guide you toward your goal in an enjoyable way:
getting the car license and, above all, learning to drive properly, safely and smoothly on your own.

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A personalized plan will be developed after the first trial lesson. This involves looking at your abilities and specific needs. We can then immediately estimate the number of lessons needed.

Car driving lessons are given in an excellent car with a regular instructor or instructress. If required, we will pick you up from home and the next student will also take you home. This way, you’ll drive in various traffic areas and you’ll learn extra from each other in the process.

Of course, we will also practice in the exam area to familiarize you with the situations you may encounter during the exam.

Choose your package!

  €2299,- incl. exam

   40 hours of driving lessons
   CBR Exam

  €1819,- incl. exam

   30 hours of driving lessons
   CBR Exam

  €1319,- incl. exam

   20 hours of driving lessons
   CBR Exam

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