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Do you want to become a cab driver?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer you comprehensive driver training that emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge in safety, social skills, driving style and laws and regulations. During the training you will be taught in a personal and hands-on manner by teachers who have also been active in the cab industry themselves for many years. You will be assigned a mentor who will be responsible for the smooth running of your education. If you have any questions you can always contact your mentor. Cab driver training is required by law and can be taken at universaldrive.


Admission Requirements

VOG: certificate of good conduct
E.V. : self-declaration

In most cases, training costs are tax deductible with the IRS.


Training content

Training for the cab pass is as follows:

  1. Theory
    • The training consists of:
      Cab proficiency – classroom supervision.
      There, the following sections are covered:
      Cab Traffic, City Map, Map of the Netherlands, Taxi Transportation and exam training questions.
  2. Practice
    • Practical training is designed in half-day sessions. During practical training, 1 candidate is trained in one half-day session.

      The following topics are covered:

      Street knowledge (Amsterdam), Troubleshooting, Driving from A to B (citing correct procedure) and Customer friendliness
  3. Additional Information
    • Street cab is transporting people for cash. You find this kind of transportation everywhere. Customers call you, when they need transportation.
    • Contract transportation is transporting people without making cash payments. You come across it almost everywhere, think of student transportation, wheelchair transportation and passenger transportation. These are usually transportation via established routes that go from A to B.
    • Compulsory exams
      TVT – Taxi proficiency theory
      TVP – Taxi practical exam complete (Street cab)
      TVPC – Taxi practical exam limited (Contract transport).
      Object lists practical exam

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